Odata write operation

first post: afsaliqubal wrote: any way to implement write operation

Why $top can't be zero for my svc application?

first post: dereksitou wrote: I made my odata svc service using Odata PHP producer, but when the ...

T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM should not be used on an instance

first post: Mahes wrote: Hey, I was wandering through the source code and I saw a few tim...

Backslashes in require_once at ODataProducer/Providers/Metadata/ServiceBaseMetadata.php

first post: bureado wrote: There are three backslashes used in require_once paths at the ment...

Getting "No configuration info found for sample.svc"

first post: bureado wrote: I'm getting this error when reaching my <URL>/sample.svc endpoint....

latest post: bureado wrote: I managed to get around this by changing the starting path of the X...

OData write operation

first post: medouederni wrote: Hi all, How can I produce an OData service that allow client to po...

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